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Luana Pozzetti

Luana Pozzetti


The staff was an excellent mediator between the customer's requests and the availability of researchers.
Zecca Prefabbricati S.p.A.

Zecca Prefabbricati S.p.A.

Reinforced concrete products

The final report of the scouting offered the company the opportunity to analyze the problem from a different view. The approach has been engineered, in-depth, on a theoretical and concrete basis at the same time.
Alessio Fuoco

Alessio Fuoco

Membrane engineering

I appreciated the opportunity to use my technical and scientific skills to help an Italian SME in developing a new product.
Meroni F.lli

Meroni F.lli

Designing and machining of sheet metal

The team of researchers was receptive and qualified, with a direct and linear management of the problem.
Lorenzo Maserati

Lorenzo Maserati


The project is totally innovative and it knows how to leaverage professional untapped resources in our country.
Tecnofar S.p.A.

Tecnofar S.p.A.

Pipes production

The researchers surprised us in a positive way, showing no fear in "dirty their hands". They have actually solved the problem that we submitted, and they did it in a short time, within a month, at a reasonable cost.
Virginia Melli

Virginia Melli

Materials engineering

I was really happy when I heard that our job had been appreciated by the company.
API Lecco

API Lecco

Small and medium enterprises association

It is a very performative service, even for small enterprises with whom they create a mutual trust and understanding relationship.
Gianluca Tristo

Gianluca Tristo

Industrial engineering

I was very happy to know that the company is actually able to benefit from our work and have in some way contributed to the launch of an initiative that I consider valid.
Torneria Automatica Alfredo Colombo

Torneria Automatica Alfredo Colombo

Small metal precision parts

The researchers involved have proven to be competent and have properly understood a specific technical problem of a mechanical processing.
Raul De Maio

Raul De Maio

Applied mathematics

Find Your Doctor gives the opportunity to face new and exciting challenges, allowing you to help companies on the field with the skills you have acquired with your research.


Heating treatments

The service was quick and efficient, it gave us a wide and adequate overview of the selected candidates.
Raul Sormani

Raul Sormani

Computer science

The chance to interface directly with the company's management was the aspect I most appreciated about the Find Your Doctor service.

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