Find Your Doctor is a service from the Consortium for Technology Transfer C2T


The Consortium for Technology Transfer C2T is a no-profit association constituted of private companies of small-medium size, found in 2012 with the initial aim of helping companies, either the ones belonging to the consortium as well as others, to develop research and development projects in collaboration with academic institutions.
Due to the market demand, the C2T activity subsequently dropped the direct link with the academic institution and developed an approach for technology transfer, based on personal contact between researchers and business. Within the creation of this innovative project, C2T also took into consideration the different fronts of critical issues such as economic, financial, formal, human resources and coordination.

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If companies need professionals capable of supporting them in the development of innovation projects, the research community needs new outlets for young people trained each year from universities, often in dramatic excess considering the existing career perspective in academia itself.
From the convergence of these two requirements, we created Find your Doctor. This is the tool devised by C2T to offer companies a quick and direct access to knowledge and know-how from hundreds of researchers, which are motivated and interested in discovering careers in the private sector.

The activities of the Consortium is also synergistic and parallel to the university activities. Currently, C2T established informal partnerships with several universities in North Italy (Politecnico di Milano, Territorial Polo of Lecco, University of Milano-Bicocca, University of Turin and University of Milan) that spread the C2T and Find Your Doctor initiatives.


C2T is equivalent to a research centre


The C2T Consortium joined the Cabinet of the National Register of Researches ARIANNA accredited by the Ministry of Education MIUR.

Thanks to this work, C2T has also been admitted to QuESTIO, the mapping system of Research Services, Technology Transfer and Innovation Support accredited by the Lombardy Region.
The Regional Portal for Research and Innovation allows individuals who have joined the QuESTIO system to have a prominent role in the new regional investment policies on research, innovation and technology transfer.


To learn more see the C2T web site