FIND YOUR DOCTOR FOR PHDsFind Your Doctor is an international placement service, exclusively dedicated to PhDs.

If you have worked so far in the research world, but are interested in collaborations outside Academia, you may not know what are your career options, where to look for and how to be found. In some countries there are effective systems for placement PhD linked to universities, but in Italy it is missing and it is not easy to find specialized agencies that deal with this level of specialization. Find Your Doctor is born primarily to bridge this gap, providing a reference point for researchers who wish to spend themselves even outside the university.


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It is a non-profit service

Designed by a group of former researchers who well know the PhDs situation, Find Your Doctor exists because we really care about the prospects for PhDs, both social and personal.

Our team relies on PhDs

Find Your Doctor team includes PhDs in sciences and humanities subjects. This helps us to enhance the curricula we receive, to better understand the value of the background described and its potentiality.

We address also small and medium-sized enterprises

SMEs employ the majority of the workforce not only in Italy, but also across Europe and in the United States. It is a target that has little familiarity with researchers and may propose positions maybe less prestigious than large companies, but we know that not all the PhDs have the same priorities. Small businesses are everywhere, are a working reality less impersonal compared to large structures and can offer balancing conditions between workload and private life, compatible with geographical restrictions and family or individual needs.

Find Your Doctor embraces non-linear careers

Unlike the majority of matching sites, we want to avoid that your possible career paths are defined only by the past qualifications, nor we are asking you to define the career you want to pursue a priori. Enhancing the skills and competences rather than the qualifications obtained, we aim to create a matching on the person and not necessarily on the role, allowing you to change careers and trying to bring out, if required, non-trivial prospects.

Our services are free of charge for PhDs

We do not ask any fee for PhDs. And sign up is very fast, it only takes a few minutes.




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Upload your resume and add your information required in the edit page. They will be useful for us and for the companies to better understand your professional profile. The Profile tab of the PhD can be considered the heart of the Find Your Doctor recruiting service, thanks to the continuous development of the innovative system of profiling and search keys that we are studying.