from the companies side


Tecnofar S.p.A.

Tecnofar S.p.A.Pipes production()

We met well-integrated researchers, they almost seemed like our employees. I admit that perhaps before knowing them, we imagined them unfamiliar with practical application. Instead they surprised us in a positive way, showing no fear in "dirty their hands". They have actually solved the problem that we submitted, and they did it in a short time, within a month, at a reasonable cost and demonstrating advanced skills.
API Lecco

API LeccoSmall and medium enterprises association()

The collaboration with the network of researchers from Find Your Doctor has identified effectively the most suitable figures to face our member companies’ problems. The multidisciplinary approach to the same problem has allowed to propose solutions as complete as possible and consistent with expectations. It is a very performative service, even for small enterprises with whom they create a mutual trust and understanding relationship.
Torneria Automatica Alfredo Colombo

Torneria Automatica Alfredo ColomboSmall metal precision parts()

The researchers involved have proven to be competent and have properly understood a specific technical problem of a mechanical processing. The approach modality occurred via an auditing service. We especially appreciated the different approach used compared to the regular resolution attempt we usually adopted in production. Some ideas on the traceability and reducing variability of manufactured tools have been used as the current production standards.
Zecca Prefabbricati S.p.A.

Zecca Prefabbricati S.p.A.Reinforced concrete products()

The final report of the scouting offered the company the opportunity to analyze the problem from a different view. The approach has been engineered, in-depth, on a theoretical and concrete basis at the same time. Extremely positive note: reasonable timing.

TAGHeat treatments()

The service was quick and efficient, it gave us a wide and adequate overview of the selected candidates and even now, after the recruitment, we can confirm the merits of the information about the chosen profile.

PromolinePromotional products()

The researcher's report sent is clear and exhaustive, but above all it is very useful as it allows us to have a technical opinion on which we can base our final evaluations on using or not this material. We are satisfied with the work done, both in terms of clarity and speed.

RoldComponents for appliances()

We came to know Find Your Doctor through a recommendation and decided to use their services to search for highly specialised professionals, with particular technical skills and background, to be employed in our applied research laboratory. Their service allowed us to find the right candidate, in a complete short list with good candidates and well done, complete and detailed presentation sheets. Among the candidates we met during the interviews we selected one, to whom we made our employment proposal. The staff is really professional, kind and capable; they respect company times without "stressing" the selection process. For very specific profiles we recommend using their service.


from the Docs side


Alberto Riminucci

Alberto RiminucciPhysics()

The experience with FYD was exciting. It was possible to exploit my scientific knowledge in order to improve the efficiency of an Italian company. Being directly in contact with the people that found the problem was an essential aspect to solve the issue. In this way, we avoided the danger of bureaucratisation that could have weigh down the counselling process. I believe that this efficient connection pattern between the world of research and the production should be taken as an example for other regions.
Lorenzo Maserati

Lorenzo MaseratiPhysics()

The consulting experience with FYD was definitely positive. The project is totally innovative and it knows how to leaverage professional untapped resources in our country. I hope it will be an example and inspiration both for future consultancies as well as for existing companies that still do not know they can benefit from this kind of support.
Virginia Melli

Virginia MelliMaterials Engineering()

From the beginning, I felt that the Find Your Doctor initiative has to be supported and after having participated, I am sponsoring it among friends and colleagues. I believe it has a dual positive value, because it merges us (those of the ivory tower) with the real world and vice versa. I was really happy when I heard that our job had been appreciated by the company.
Edoardo Belloni

Edoardo BelloniMechanical Engineering()

I think it is interesting and important initiative for both researchers and companies. On our side, we can deal with a real problem for companies outside the universities, using a methodological approach that we are gaining thanks to a doctorate. On the other side, companies themselves lean to young, motivated and very prepared people in order to better understand a problem and try to find a solution. It is important then that the figure of the PhD increasingly spreads and is appreciated in the corporate world, which unfortunately does not always occur.
Raul De Maio

Raul De MaioApplied Mathematics()

Find Your Doctor gives the opportunity to face new and exciting challenges, allowing you to help companies on the field with the skills you have acquired with your research. It is a great meeting point between knowledge, research and industry and an experience that opens up new roads.
Filippo Benetti

Filippo BenettiMaterials Engineering()

The Find Tour Doctor team was efficient in organizing the meeting between us, researchers and the customer as well as prompted in responding and supporting my needs. The most interesting aspects have been the intellectual challenge imposed by the problem, the need of designing a usable solution by a customer without a specific scientific background and the opportunity to have a closer look at the issues in local SMEs.
Martino Quintavalla

Martino QuintavallaMaterials Engineering()

The staff who followed our collaboration provided remarkable help, especially with regard to identifying the goals of the work and its final drafting, helping us to highlight important details regarding both the problem and our capabilities.
Valentina Zega

Valentina ZegaStructural Engineering()

Compared to my initial expectations, the experience was much more formative: to understand the real needs of the company closely and to find practical solutions from my theoretical background was really interesting.
Valentina Morelli

Valentina MorelliChemical Engineering()

I can certainly emphasize the importance of this project that I hope can be made known among companies and universities. I did this experience at a professional time when I was trying to diversify my skills and to be part of this group really changed my perspective, especially in seeing how a company is interested in our technological know-how. Seeing your experience being recognized and above all valorized is very important especially for a PhD.
Luca D'Alessandro

Luca D'AlessandroMechanical Engineering()

The client company and its representatives seemed initially unconvinced of our capabilities, while I thought they would hardly be inclined to innovation. In the end, they changed idea and so did I.
Jaime Henriquez

Jaime HenriquezChemistry()

The management of the company that hired me and its employees have so far been very open to the development of the research project and always attentive to my interventions. This work is really stimulating. The research equipment was almost non-existent, but the management started to improve all these problems as soon as possible. The company is very serious.
Luca Spiridigliozzi

Luca SpiridigliozziCivil and Mechanical Engineering()

The experience with the FYD staff has been extremely positive, starting from the initial communication, up to the organizational phase during the whole process and to the final and post report ones. With the client company there was perhaps a bit of initial reluctance, but that turned out to be, in fact, only a denied impression. I appreciated the opportunity to transmit the value of scientific research outside the traditional field, combining it with practical needs of the industrial world.
Luana Pozzetti

Luana PozzettiPhysics()

The company initially showed mistrust about the skills of researchers, but during the course of the consultancy it gained more and more trust and showed more and more willingness to listen and to discuss. With this kind of experience competences acquired in past jobs are put into play and the personal ability to readjust and exploit them in different fields to achieve new goals is tested.
Luca Lusuardi

Luca LusuardiElectrical Engineering()

Being the first time, it was interesting to measure myself as a scientific consultant in the industrial field, where in addition to the technical aspect of the problems encountered, one must always take into account also the timing and costs. I had the opportunity to deal with new problems, further enriching my technical background.
Daniele Ziegler

Daniele ZieglerMaterials Science()

The scientific coordinator coordinated the project in the best possible way from the initial phase of interface with the company, to the organisation of the work with precise planning of the meetings and was able to provide useful suggestions in order to draw up the final report.
 From my experience I appreciated the exchange of ideas, the sharing of possible solutions, the deepening of combustion processes, the communication with a company that wants to grow and propose innovative solutions on the market. I have noticed how my knowledge can be useful to the productive realities of the Italian territory and I hope that this is only the beginning of a profession as a consultant.
Pio Bozza

Pio BozzaProcess Engineering()

The organization of the activities with the company and the discussion of the problems to be faced with the contact persons were carried out in perfect coordination and efficiency. The work done with the team members was excellent. As we are complementary in terms of skills, we have provided synergistic answers to the questions posed by the company. Meeting my fellow researchers allowed me to expand my knowledge as well as to produce a work with a wide range of skills.
Lukas Gritsch

Lukas GritschMaterials Science()

The FYD staff was always helpful and professional; besides perfectly managing the administrative and organisational details of the project, they also offered support by mediating between researchers and the company during the consultancy work. The client company was a very interesting Italian business, with a team of professionals with whom it was fruitful to cooperate: if on one hand I hope that the consultancy has been successful, on the other hand I bring home new ideas and knowledge on a subject that has always interested me, but which I had not yet studied in depth. I have appreciated the chance to interact with a team that was heterogeneous in terms of skills, but with a common goal; it is always surprising to see how collaboration leads to results that are unimaginable as a "loner".