• Why matching two worlds?

    Our goal is to create a bridge between Research and Industry in order to:

    • Promote companies of any size towards innovation

    • Give new professional perspectives to researchers



Internationalization and innovation are the challenges that nowadays companies are facing, therefore there is a huge need to access to knowledge and know-how from the research world. However, the attempt to bring together the university and industry structures often incurs into the difficulty of aligning very different objectives and methods.

If we look directly at individuals, at single researchers, who are the academic knowledge repositories, it turns out, instead, that there is a large convergence space. Industry can take advantage of the innovative potential of researchers, who need to discover new ideas and professional directions outside of the traditional academic routes, since the university is no longer able to offer to all of them realistic job prospects.

FYD arises from this convergence of needs, it is an intelligent matching portal designed specifically in order to bring out the value of research profiles in a corporate context. The aim is to create a flexible, quick and convenient system to bring researchers in all sizes organizations and companies, helping them in their professional development and at the same time making them the technology transfer holders.

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What is a PhD?

The acronym PhD stands forPhilosophiae Doctor, a traditional title gained by researchers of any disciplines.

The researcher doctorate, or PhD, is the highest academic degree and is awarded considering the results of a typical research project lasting three or four years, supervised by an experienced researcher.

During the project, the candidate is expected to demonstrate through its work and its own research to carry out research activities on a professional level.

After receiving his PhD, the former candidate (now PhD) is a fully-fledged part of the academic community as a junior researcher.



Find Your Doctor provides companies with a quick and flexible recruitment, specialized in professional profiles derived solely from the research world. The site is managed by a team of recruiters, including people with doctorate (PhD), who understand both the needs of the companies as well as the academic experience.



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Find Your Doctor is a job placement service exclusively dedicated to PhDs. Specifically designed according to the characteristics of these professionals, it aims to make the expertise of PhDs more accessible and valuable to the business world.

FYD was conceived in response to two main issues: the difficult transition of the doctors outside academia (due to the inability of universities to absorb all the resources that form) and the difficulty of companies in doing innovation (due to a lack of awareness of the figures necessary to do so).

Too many PhDs

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Get in touch and discover the academic world, without going through Universities.



Save time in searching and selecting candidates, just choose them in a specific group containing high-educated profiles.



Protect the future of your company, investing in innovation and research.

Considering the general lack of information about PhD potentialities, the recruitment agencies are often not able to help properly PhDs looking for job opportunities. That is because it is quite difficult to understand the researchers abilities without knowing what a PhD really does. Therefore reading a CV from a PhD profile it is difficult not only for employers, but also for recuiters, which are often not focused on this target and do not see the potentialities.
Our team, focused on PhD profiles, is instead able to understand their CVs because has ex researchers coming from scientific as well as humanistic fields. Knowing the situation we want to promote, we can better evaluate the profiles, distinguishing between pure academic expertise and other ones useful for companies.
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