FIND YOUR DOCTOR FOR COMPANIES Find Your Doctor offers to companies a direct, flexible and efficient link to professionals coming from the research world, for consulting activities as well as for hiring new employees.

These profiles, with high level education and high capacities, are not always easy to assess for whoever does not have a direct link with Academia. They are normally appropriate not only for R&D positions, but even more for roles like managerial ones, analysis and responsibility.

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Find your Doc

Find Your Doctor allows you to browse all the professional profiles on our database, checking the available material and eventually asking for more information. The database has open access for all the registered people; all the CV information, but not the contacts, can be checked after free registration.
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Doc Desk

Find Your Doctor offers you the chance to ask a consultancy to a reasearcher team, choosed ad hoc by our staff. After a first meeting at the company headquarter, selected researchers will perform their analysis and write a final report with their own solutions or suggestions to the problem. The company will then decide how to proceed with the given suggestions and in case of further steps for solutions realization, Find Your Doctor will be able to help the company also supporting the researchers involved.

Doc Hunting

You can ask us to search for a specific professional person, as in a traditional recruiting service. You just have to fill in the dedicated form and describe which kind of person you would like to hire. Our HR office will spread the request among the Docs and collect the applications. We will then present you a selected candidates pool, which responds to what you have requested.
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Ad sharing

As in a classical job matching website, Find Your Doctor allows you to post your job advertisement, which will be available for the registered Docs. Same procedure will be used for consultancy requests, which will be published and available for spontaneous applications. In both cases, we offer our support in the ad optimisation for the specific target and its spreading over multiple channels.

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It makes you reach easily a high educated Profile

In an economic situation that identifies innovation as a key to the survival of businesses, Find Your Doctor approaches the academic and the business world by sharing the expertise of someone who has done research experience, by making that available through direct contact, without the involvement of any university structures.

It makes you saving time in candidates recruitment

Focusing on a specific category of professionals, Find Your Doctor offers a pool of neat and selected profiles, upstream based on common characteristics. Whoever looks for profiles for research roles, analysis, coordination and overall responsibility will easily find interesting candidates in our database, saving time in searching through more dispersive sources.

It is flexible and "tailor-made" for your company

Because it is owned by a private structure of small size, which can then respond to customer needs without strictly standardize its procedures. The four guiding line offers of Find Your Doctor are there to adapt its service to very different practices and resources of companies

It also speaks to small and medium-sized enterprises

Where the placement offices and technology transfer of the universities easily interact with the big companies, Find Your Doctor aims to work as a tool accessible to small businesses, which for different reasons often have more difficulties in accessing the so-called "brain skills."




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2. Use the Tools

Once done, sign in and click on Tools in order to start using our services. You can publish, easily and in full autonomy, jobs or consulting requests, browse the list of registered researchers to identify possible figures to hire in your group or take advantage of our scouting or recruiting services.


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3. Complete your Profile

Complete your profile tab and add any information that you believe can be useful to spice up your card in case of spontaneous applications by Docs (only registered researchers will be able to see your full details).