How to use Find Your Doctor

Attention: functions in development

The only requirement to be part of Find Your Doctor is to have a Ph.D or have your discussion planned in six months tops. Then, you can take the following steps:

1) Subscribe in this section through the login form in the Ph.Ds homepage or the registration menù at the top of the page, than wait for the e-mail signaling our approval

2) Go to your profile. Once your registration is approved, come again to this section on the website: all the functions you need will be accessible from the menù to your left (below from mobile). Under "Your Profile" you will find that your profile sheet has been created. At this point you can be found by employers only based on the informations you gave at registration.

3) Take the Skills questionnaire that is available from your profile sheet, which is a self evaluation of your hard and soft skills, transversal knowledge, interests and attitudes. This will add a much broader set of informations to your profile, which can match more fields requested by employers and have you found.

And then, if you want to promote yourself further

4) Upload additional material: you will see, on your profile page, a list of possible materials that may interest the employers visiting your profile. If you like, click on the ones you want to upload and follow the instructions. You will find suggestions on how to prepare some of the materials, such as video CVs, but if you need further help you can always contact us. Otherwise, you can wait for employers to request the material from you.

5) Respond to employers requests of materials Employers see the same list of possible additional materials that you see. They see what is available and can request the rest. In this case, you will be alerted via e-mail and on your sheet that an employer is requesting something from you. Please upload it then.

6) Visit the Job adverts and Call for Consultancy pages: there you can apply to open positions of your interest and read entrepreneurs questions that you might be able to consult about. The links are in the menù on your left (below from mobile). 

7) Visit the Companies list page, where you can browse the profile sheets of companies subscribed to Find Your Doctor and possibly find interesting targets for spontaneous applications. The link is in the menù on your left (below from mobile) 

8) Contact us, whenever you want to.