Why using Find Your Doctor 

There are several reasons why to choose Find Your Doctor:

1) We are no-profit: we exist because we care. The founder of Find Your Doctor has been in your place, which means we do understand and feel involved in the issue of Ph.Ds career perspectives. And when you care, you work best. 

2) We include PhDs in our recruiters team, thus, unlike placing officers you may have met, we have a key to read your CV while understanding your background and view.

3) We talk to small and medium enterprises as well as big ones. It is a difficult target and they may offer positions that are not as cutting-edge as big enterprises can promise, but we do know that not all Ph.Ds. put that as a first priority. Small enterprises are everywhere and they may offer you a good work-life balance, compatible with geographic restrictions, workload issues, family and personal needs. 

4) The service is free for you, in every aspects. 

 5) Subscriprion is fast. You may subscribe in five minutes and later take time to enhance your profile, as it is in linkedin or facebook. It is important that, when you have time, you fill the skills questionnaire, but later than that you can even upload material only when an employer requests it.

6) We intend to allow for change. Unlike most matching websites, we do not ask you to define a priori the career you want (although you can, if you like) but we make you findable by employers based on all your skills: not only the hard ones (specific knowledge and experience) but the soft ones as well (such as communication skills or creative thinking). We will consider your interests and transversal competence (such as being a good writer, e.g.) as well. In this way, a career that matches your skills can find you, although you may never have thought of it.