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Company Position | Trainer in European and Italian education policies and funding

Short-term job opportunity!

Working place: Italy, United Kingdom

For an English language school providing trainings for international students in the UK, we are looking for a professional with knowledge of the European and Italian education systems and experience with related funding instruments, interested in providing a training course to the new staff members (MD, Language Consultant, Marketing Director, English Language Teaching consultant and pedagogist) of an English language school working with international students in the UK.
The course, to be given in English, will be provided roughly between March and July 2018, partly in UK and partly in Italy.

The activity is conceived in two phases:

  1. Detailed planning of the course and elaboration of training material to be used during the lectures and later on as informative material for further collaborators to be hired in the future. The School already collected a set of links to official papers and policy positions on the topics of interest, which will be made available to the trainer as a support for the elaboration of the hand-outs.
  2. 20-30 hours of training, partly in the UK and partly remotely. Ideally the instructional experience will take place in the UK at the School's training centres or other facilities during one initial full-immersion week, followed by a number of weekly half-day or monthly full-day sessions. However, the School is open to consider different proposals based on the availability and approach of the trainer.

 Topics of the training
The School is interested in evaluating instructional design projects including some or all the following topics (or related ones):

  • EU Education systems
    • Education and Training Organization, Governance and Funding in Italy
    • Secondary education in Italy: teaching and assessment
    • Other EU education systems
    • Italian education system statistics
  • EU Education governance and policies
    • Institutions influencing education and training governance in EU and Italy 
    • The political system of Europe
    • National political and administrative structure in Italy
    • Education and training in the context of EU employment and social affairs
    • History of EU cooperation in education and training and language learning policies
  • EU budget: EU long-term spending plan, structure, content and financial instruments
  • The role of economic and social innovation in EU education and training
  • Important networks in the ELT industry and EU education and training

The candidates for this job are invited to submit a maximum of two-pages training proposal, indicating which ones of the above topic could be included based on their expertise.

 Type of collaboration
Temporary contract.

 Payment terms
The trainer will be paid in three steps: partly upfront, as to confirm the collaboration, partly at the delivery of the training material (phase 1 above) and the rest at the end of the teaching period (phase 2 above).
Candidates are invited to submit a quotation together with the proposal.

 To apply
Send an e-mail showing interest to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo., with object JM16 - EU education policies trainer, including a cover letter that explains the candidate’s experience in relation to the topics of interest and a maximum of two-pages training proposal with your quotation.
We accept EXCLUSIVELY applications from Find Your Doctor registered users who have uploaded their CV (so we recommend you to register - or login if already registered - and upload/update your file before applying). We also invite candidates to complete their Profile, with particular attention to the Pills section, and to upload their publications.
The application phase will be open until 05/2/2018.